Rastaclat: Fleeting Knowledge

Rastaclat’s latest collection, Fleeting Knowledge, was inspired by the organic world. Like the medicine men and shamans of centuries past, we still rely on potions and remedies from nature to provide us with respite from our ailments and open up our consciousness to other realities.


From the slightly suggestive to the outright toxic, the chemical reactions we have with the world around us are definitely real. In celebration of Mother Earth, Rastaclat introduce the poisonous frog graft and the mushroom dream prints. To inspire you to be a source of the movement, Rastaclat created a new Spreading Positive Vibrations® print to add to your collection of Rastaclat signature headwear. With six Classic Bracelets and two Bucket Hats to choose from, incorporating our newest styles in to your collection is a natural choice.



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